All About Audi + Alf

Audi + Alf is a hand-watercolored paper goods company, owned and operated by two sisters out of Dallas, Texas.

We believe in doing good always, and in all ways. With each purchase, you are helping gift-wrap the thousands of gifts given through "Operation Mrs. Claus" to single moms and their children in Oklahoma.

You can shop with us and feel good about it.

Meet Audi and Alf

Also known as, Audrey and Stephy Gustafson.

When Stephy went on her first date with her now-husband, he said, "You're going to love my sister."

Boy, was he not wrong.

They've become two peas in a pod! Audrey is an insurance actuary, the artist behind all of our creations, and an introvert, who loves to wear black, while Stephy is a commercial real estate broker and an extrovert, who constantly wears white. Some might say they're opposites, but nonetheless, sisters (they leave the "in-law" part out unless asked).

With Audrey's watercolor art taking off, and Stephy's healthy addiction to all things paper goods, Audi + Alf was born.

Audi + Alf offers Audrey's hand-painted watercolor art that has been digitally transferred to all things paper goods - printed in the USA!